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Bunions may be treated by a change in your footwear, extra padding and shielding or orthotics which can be fitted by your Podiatrist. Also resting your foot and applying ice to the affected area. You can get bunion spacers, toe separators, and bunion splints. These treatments help with the symptoms but do not correct the deformity, only surgery may be necessary if the deformity is severe. But you will need an x-ray first to see the extent of the deformity. Surgery involves removing of the bony enlargement on the side of your foot, realigning and straightening of the big toe, also correcting any abnormal misalignment of your toe.

Once the patient is wearing shoes that do not contribute to the problem, toe exercises are usually suggested. The purpose of the exercises is to stretch and strengthen the toe muscles. You can do this by using them to pick up small items or using the toes to crumple a towel. People with hammer toes that also have high arches should consider insoles to provide additional support. It is also important to purchase shoes that are well-designed, not merely for fashion, but for practicality. We have really been victims of the fashion shoe industry for many years. Luckily, some manufacturers want to help, not hurt, the health of our feet.

If you have hammer toe, it’s likely that your physician will recommend a change of shoe Shock-absorbent inserts that cushion the foot are also a standard in preventing and relieving foot pain. Relieve hammer toe symptoms by wearing shoes with low heels or no heels. Look for a wide toe box that gives your feet plenty of room. Flexibility is key; always test the movement of the shoe. But this alone may not treat the problem. If you have hammer toe, you need to treat it. You have several options available to you.hammer toe pain

A complete foot evaluation is needed when evaluating a patient for hammertoe deformities. The foot should be examined in both weight bearing (with the patient standing upright) and non-weight bearing positions to determine if the deformity is flexible. When a deformity is found to be rigid on physical exam, it most likely involves changes in the bone structure. These types of deformities may require more aggressive medical or surgical care. Although the problem is more common in older people, it can occur at any age. High arches sometimes contribute to the problem by pulling on the top tendon, which pulls back on the toe

Expandable barbs in 2.4mm and 2.9mm sizes maximize bone purchase and pull-out strength in the proximal phalanx. Utilizing the supplemental guide wire will expand the barbed portion of the implant which will provide increased construct strength and stability during the early healing phase. Being diabetic, I have had several same day surgeries. The routine at Day Kimball Hospital, in Putnam CT. has been consistent. I cannot speak for all hospitals, but Day Kimball Hospital makes same day surgery, a little easier. have been around for years. Orthotic inserts are medically-designed to fit into shoes and provide long-lasting foot, knee & back relief. Usually, these physician-approved inserts cost 100’s of dollars.

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